Body Transformation

Get healthy, build confidence & crush your goals.



Business Owners

  • Low Energy, Emotional Eating, Imposter Syndrome
  • Overweight. Unhealthy
  • Overwhelmed & Stressed Out.
  • Unclear and unmotivated.
  • Depleted. Lack of strength or vitality.
BEFORE YOGILACHI (actual pre-statements)
  • Less Stress. More Energy. Antifragile Confidence.
  • Mental Clarity. Laser Focused. Vibrant.
  • Crushing Goals Personally and Professionally
  • Fit, Flexible & Looking and Feeling Their Best.
  • Performing at Peak Levels, consistently.
AFTER YOGILACHI (actual results)


"Stephana is there for it all, she does not want to just make you fit in the physical sense, but also in an emotional, psychological, and spiritual sense. She was there for the good and the bad and I have her to thank for my success in these first few months of becoming the best version of myself. Thank you Stephana!"



"I am 44 years old and was starting to feel my age. I started having knee and hip problems about a year ago. I have been training with Stephana now for about 2 months, I’ve dropped 15lbs my clothes fit better, I feel much better, and best of all my knee hasn’t given me any trouble at all! I love her whole body approach to fitness and wellness. I highly recommend Yogilachi to all you guys out there looking to lose a few pounds or just wanting to get back some of that energy and stamina.”

“I was looking to strengthen my core and help manage a chronic joint issue. Yogilachi absolutely is helping me address both of those goals, but I had no idea how much more it would have to offer. With Stephana’s expertise and broad knowledge base, she is truly able to provide a “whole picture” perspective that doesn’t treat body parts in isolation, or even just “fitness” in isolation. It has been very helpful for me to better understand the different factors–including nutrition and movement habits–that can contribute to chronic body “issues.””


Your 3 Step Path

Step 1

Executive Energy Edge

Begin your journey with the Executive Energy Edge Personalized Assessments. We'll look at where you are leaking energy - are you a stress eater, pulling late night hours, lacking confidence or clarity to do something about besides an extra shot of expresso? You will implement 1 clear Energy Edge action and see and feel real results within 24 hours.

You take the next 21 Days to dial in Yogilachi's Vital 5. These are the proven high performance habits of top leaders who get consistent stellar results. Prepare for a healthy reset to your metabolism, optimize digestion, and enhance the gut-brain connection as you master your self-care practice and high performance habits.

Step 2

High Performance Habits

Step 3

Body Transformation

For the business owner with ambitious goals, our Yogilachi TRANSFORM program is the safest, most effective whole body transformation. Proven through our 90-day intensive, drop 25 pounds, and get in amazing physical and mental shape. Our precision methodology guides you through the step by step process, with clear direction, and caring support,  to get lasting results.

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Stephana, the founder of Yogilachi was the President of a global non profit organization that required enormous attention and energy. Her dedication and commitment had her working 14-16 hour days often 6 days a week while struggling with her own health.

She didn’t get the answers she hoped for from the traditional health & fitness space, medical doctors and other “specialists” so she created Yogilachi to help people like her, build healthy self care habits and achieve optimal well being with a comprehensive, holistic solution.

It’s time to take care of your number 1 asset – your health.

Health is an inside job and begins the moment you build in time to take care of you, in small doable, daily actions.

If you want your business to thrive, you must TRANSFORM and THRIVE.

A precision methodology that goes beyond traditional fitness. Our approach, rooted in ancient wisdom and leading-edge science, comprises three pillars:


These pillars are grounded in Yoga, Pilates, and Chi Kung/Tai Chi.


"Transformations have been profound–improved posture, stamina, recovery time, focus, mood, and time! "

Jamie Moran

"Stephana really knows what she is doing and makes you feel very welcome and inspired to live your best life."

"I joined Yogilachi to get help for posture and neck pain and I ended up losing some weight and gaining strength as well!

Elizabeth Ryan

Anne Vitort


Tel: +1 360 936 3374

Vancouver Washington

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