Why We Need To Train Our Body In Symmetry
Many sports are asymmetrical, or one sided. I have more clients than not who complain of a left shoulder or right knee or hip pain because they golf or play tennis or even run, one sided. We need to train our bodies in symmetry. That means we need to train both sides. Symmetry means “beauty resulting from balanced or harmonious arrangement”. Optimal movement would have to then include symmetry as a principle. When I injured my right arm I hadn’t realized how dominant I had let myself become, no matter how hard I had trained to stay balanced. It’s going to happen. In martial arts, ideally you train both sides equally so that you can hit, kick, duck or move where-ever and how ever is needed in order to get you out of harms way, attack or defend as the case may be. It does’t happen naturally. There will always be a dominent side trying to come through. But to train in symmetry – keeping alignment and control on a gradient in the forefront of any training program and you will see and feel the difference in how your body is able to move and function. Yogilachi is based on optimal movement and being mindful about this is where it starts. We don’t want to go in to a gym or on a course or court being mindless and letting our body go willy nilly whacking away at something. Unless we have specifically developed symmetry and trained our body and muscles optimally, it’s a difficult transition to make but one well worth addressing. Start by taking an action you are proficient in on one side and gradually develop the other side. You don’t have to neglect the dominant side, but you do want to bring the functions on line for the other side of the body. This also goes for top and bottom but that’s another lesson.

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