Top 3 Tips For Getting Ahead of the Holiday Season
We are enjoying beautiful 80 degree days in the Pacific NW but make no mistake, Fall is here! What does that mean for you? Does it mean breaking out the fall wardrobe? Hoping to fit in to those jeans and sweaters or worrying about having a muffin top or loosening a belt notch? Are you looking at all the halloween candy filling the store shelves? Thinking about the turkey, stuffing and pie and holiday cookies and wondering how you’re going to avoid gaining 20 pounds again by New Year? Does it mean dreading or looking forward to a hectic season of gatherings for friends and family and more than the usual amount of adult beverages to either celebrate the season or cope with the season? If you have any fear or worry about staying healthy and fit heading in to the holidays,  you can drop it! We work with clients every year to get a handle on this time of year. You can get a handle on this early by doing just a few simple things NOW.
  1. Create a new fitness habit starting right NOW.    If you start right now, even 10 minutes a day in the morning will make a positive difference. Start at your level – so don’t jump in to a cross fit or some unreal workout.   Begin with bodyweight exercises in your bedroom, a simple yoga series to invigorate your mind. Look at it as part of a Whole Life Wellness plan. Do tree pose while brushing your teeth. It all counts!
  2. Prepare and plan ahead.  Remember the brain likes patterns and will go back to the olds ones if we don’t consciously change them. Preparing a new response is one way as well as planning ahead. If you know there will be treats without healthy options at gatherings, make sure to eat a healthy meal before going. It’s a lot harder to turn down cookies and goodies when your stomach is growling! Know what the holiday season brings – instead of resisting it, take a look at how your cravings are just that and you don’t have to act on them. Set up a new response – like grabbing a friend and taking a twirl.
  3. Make some of your social plans based around activities. This is such a beautiful season for walks in the park, hiking  to see the leaves changing colors, playing outdoor games, taking a trip to the ice skating rink, you name it! Propose social events that get people involved and moving rather than just sitting around eating and drinking. The eating can be part of it and there are some wonderful choices I’ll share in another post. But if we look at the season as an experience of connection rather than just of food stuffs there are rewards that benefit our Whole selves.
These are just 3 tips we can do to ease the stress that many associate with this time of year. If you want more help creating a personal plan for you to not just survive the holidays but THRIVE and head into 2018 looking and feeling better than ever, request a chat today.

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