The One Thing…
  No man or woman is an island. Right?! Well, recently I have felt like I’ve been an island that’s been hit directly by the hurricanes. I don’t think I’m alone in caring deeply about issues in our world today. Caring so deeply about the people close to you and wanting to protect and help them. You do what you can and then that’s all you can do. And it has to be 1 day at a time or you will utterly deplete yourself until there is nothing left. You hear it said often, this idea of the oxygen mask on yourself first, but why is it so darn hard to heed this!? A rare occurrence of letting my guard down so completely and asking for guidance from one of beloved clients, I was struck by what a needed impact his view had for me. As a person who is constantly learning, trying to grow and maybe addicted to self improvement, I’m often brought back by the simplest of offerings. Those of rational thinking in my world of hyper emotional being tend to be the biggest ripples. When my client gave me the advice that I need to start with “just for today, get through today and be clear on your focus of your 3 areas – one must be Replenishing.¬† I plan to bring him in for an interview specifically on this topic so you can hear it straight from him  

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