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Yogilachi® is for the busy professional who wants to learn to move correctly, rather than just exercise. Unlike gyms that prey on body image issues, we believe that health is measured by how the mind and body performs, not just how it looks. Our programs utilize a powerful holistic nutrition plan with exercises originating from yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi/Qi Gong, calisthenics and weightlifting to build strength and mobility while achieving your ideal weight, getting and staying pain free, feeling and looking great.


Yogilachi TRANSFORM 1:4

Yogilachi  TRANSFORM
Semi-Private proprietary program. Training in the studio with Master Trainer 5 days per week on a specific and personalized progressive lifestyle program designed to create a complete body, mind and health transformation. Receive coaching, accountability, trouble shooting, daily log and precise nutrition coaching.

This is a total body, health and life changer. This is not a quick fix but an in depth, intensive approach to getting the most significant results in the shortest amount of time possible while being safe, holistic and effective!

  • Proprietary Holistic Program encompassing nutrition, lifestyle, movement components
  • Customized movement training in-studio 5 times per week
  • Trigger point therapy release, energy work, remote and live Qi Gong
  • Regular assessments, daily accountability & unlimited email support

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