YOGILACHI® 21 Day Optimal Health Kick Start

More Results + Less B.S. 

March 11 - 31, 2019 On line or in person Camas, WA studio

Join us at the beautiful Lacamas Lake Lodge Camas Camas Parks & Recreation 

Exercising Has Never Been So Rewarding

You sessions will be guided by Stephana Johnson, Master Trainer and Founder of Yogilachi®.


  • to use your muscles properly to gain flexibility.
  • proper joint mobility vs joint stability for optimal full body movement. 
  • how to breathe correctly. 
  • how to clear and regulate your energy. 
  • what and how to eat for your primary metabolic type.
  • specific routines and tools you can use daily to help you tone and reduce fat.
  • how to achieve your health and fitness goals as part of a healthy lifestyle.

$247 All Inclusive (Makes a great gift! Register before end of 2018 for $50 discount)

During the 21 Days - we are cutting all sugar, gluten and veggie oils (these cause inflammation!) add in 2 awesome habits like - meditation or journaling and train with us 3 times a week! 

What's included: 

  • Pre and Post Assessments 
  • Daily Accountability
  • Support Emails
  • Daily Action Items
  • Attend live classes to learn to move your body optimally using yoga, Pilates, tai chi, breathing, self myofascial release and trigger point release techniques
  • Prizes
  • Community and more!
  •  $247 All inclusive! (Early bird registration get $50 off. Sign up before the end of 2018 $197) 


Where: On line and in person Lacamas Lake Lodge 227 NW Lake Rd, Camas, WA 98607 

When: 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. Monday/Tuesday/Thursday

Parking: plentiful parking 

Price: $247 

What you need: yoga mat, foam roller if you have one and comfortable natural fiber exercise clothes,