6:30A.M. | MON/TUES/THURS Starts SEPTEMBER 10, 2018 $167

Join us at the beautiful Lacamas Lake Lodge Camas Camas Parks & Recreation 

Exercising Has Never Been So Rewarding

You sessions will be guided by Stephana Johnson, Master Trainer and Founder of Yogilachi®.


  • to use your muscles properly to gain flexibility.
  • proper joint mobility vs joint stability for optimal full body movement 
  • how to breathe correctly. 
  • how to clear and regulate your energy. 
  • what and how to eat for your primary metabolic type.
  • specific routines and tools you can use daily to help you tone and reduce fat.
  • how to achieve your health and fitness goals as part of a healthy lifestyle.

*** We are currently mid August Foundations. You may join the program at any time, each student receives 1 on 1 assessments and coaching via my on-line portal. This is so I can best help you whether in the class or for work you will need to do at home. So whether you attend 1 or all sessions, the investment is the same.

$167 Per Month All Inclusive 

Join for 1 month or continue with us on going. Either way we know you will love the improvments in your strength, flexibility and over all health and you will enjoy the friendly, supportive community. 


Monday: a combination of Yogilachi ® Level 1-2 H.E.A.T. + Flow & Glow

Tuesday: Yogilachi® Foundations (You must attend this class first if you've never attended Yogilachi training)

Thursday: Level 1-2 - Yogilachi ® A.M.A.S.E. 

Class Descriptions Yogilachi's Signature Group Training System Includes:  

  • A.M.A.S.E. Alignment, Mobility, Agility, Stability exercises to improve overall body performance. Restore and reconnect brain/body/balance with functional control while maximizing mobility during each movement.  
  • FLOW AND GLOW: A functional holistic blend of yoga, Pilates and tai chi/chi kung integrated in a a way that provides a safe and effective exercise for every fitness level. Each class is designed to reduce stiffness, increase mobility, strength and stability while lengthening muscles. The work is balanced with gentle relaxation and a restorative mediation finale.  
  • H.E.A.T. High Energy Agility Training uses leading edge science combining the most effective series of alternative maximum energy output in the form of functional yoga and callistentic exercises with an active recovery to give a boost to the metabolism, maximum fat loss and improve core strength and stability while bringing the brain and body in optimal balance. 


The training sessions start at 6:30 a.m. and run for approximately 1 hour. As Yogilachi® is a practice focused on the individual, you will receive personalzed attention and learn to identify limitations, strengthen and modify so that you can develop a personal practice moving well and staying pain free and confident. Once you are registered I will set you up with your own login where you will do basic assessments to prepare for our sessions.  

Clear Energy 

Tone & Strengthen 

Get more flexible

Connect in a safe, Supportive Community

Start the day with Focus & Intention.

Daily logs will help you stay focused and provide benefitial feedback. 


Where: Lacamas Lake Lodge 227 NW Lake Rd, Camas, WA 98607 

When: 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. 

If it is your first time joining Yogilachi - you need to attend the Tuesday sessions as these are your Foundaions.

Begins: September 10th, 2018 - 

Parking: plentiful parking 

Price: $167 - All inclusive

What to wear/bring: yoga mat, foam roller if you have one and comfortable natural fiber exercise clothes