I am sitting in a library across the Bridge from the Coove getting work done while my boys practice Aikido. I think I should be progressing with my Aikido too, but how will I fit that in as well as the countless other actions I need to get done before official teaching hours start with my boys.

In the past month I’ve gotten in about 4 real “workouts” for myself.

The frustration around the circumstances of closing my studio earlier this year is back. I feel the ceiling once again as I grow my personal training but have to turn people away because I cannot serve group classes without a bigger location.

I contemplate opening another location but still have to deal with the lease and repercussions of the discrepancy of 1500 square feet being measured in a variety of ways, none of them being actual square footage of the space.

This energy fills up my body and consumes my mind if I let it.

I feel stuck.

What I teach my clients and would suggest to anyone when they feel stuck is to start with CHI.

Although before that it would need to be  AWARENESS. That action of  PRESENCE. The actual practice of being PRESENT always shifts the CHI.

I am aware of the light and my body in a different way just by taking this action.

In fact, it seems as if the room is quieter, calmer now. I reckon it is actually my mind and energy that is calmer. I feel my feet. I sit taller. I breathe more deeply. I feel a sensation of gratitude and a tingle moves up and down my spine and down my arms and in to the key board.

I feel the stuckness as a shifting. I am PRESENT.

I-INTENTION (al) I intend to lead a life I love. To raise the over all vibration of the planet through my service. I have other intentions that are specific but at the moment I focus in on the intention related to Yogilachi and my dream for 10,000 strong globally shifting the outcome of this planet by how they lead their lives, their health by reclaiming their mind, body and food supply. By bringing vibrations to love and above.

For now I can imagine this and it is beautiful.

I now OBSERVE.  I notice. My bum is stiff and tingly from sitting in the hard plastic chairs. The back of my head tingles. I watch as the letters come on the screen in a delayed way. No judgement. No good/bad/right/wrong. Just observations.

I continue to observe and subtlety I am aware of the lightening up I feel. The laughter that bubbles up that tells me I am releasing the energy that has kept me stuck. Stuck in a thinking that does not serve me. I no longer desire a baquette smothered in butter and a bag of chips – my reactive comfort food. In fact I don’t feel like I am depleted or need food. My energy has shifted. I feel like moving. I sit taller. I shift my pelvic bones so I am up on my sits bones. That releases my spine. My vibration is higher. Closer to the LOVE that I prefer.


TOOLS. I know that I need food and that is a valid tool to restore my body. But I will choose the delicious green salad with grilled chicken that I planned for. I will lovingly prepare this meal and sit down and enjoy it after I pick up my boys from Aikido.

I will get to the Aikido studio early so I can stand on the earth and practice Yogilachi Flow and Glow – the blend of Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi that has now become my regular work out of choice.

So that is what I did today when I felt stuck.

What do you do when you feel stuck?  

Meditation is widely misunderstood yet one of the most effective methods of reducing stress, anxiety, upset, depression, illness and also the most effect way of creating more balance, calm, joy, and peace in your world. And guess what it’s totally FREE!
Meditation is the discovery that the point of life is always arrived at in the immediate moment. – Alan Watts
  • Silent Meditation
  • Guided Meditation
  • Mantra Meditation
  • Healing Meditation
    • Walking Meditation

You can learn much from Mother Nature especially as she prepares for winter. Just as the daffodil seemingly lies dormant in the earth or seemingly the chrysalis is lying dormant, so must you trust that in your REST there is great transformation and preparation taking place.
The daffodil does not need anything else to blossom.
The chrysalis does not need anything else to become a butterfly.
Innately you have all you need if you just trust your perfection to blossom completely unto yourself. When you meet the world and appreciate each opportunity to be who you are, you can realize your greatest potential that often lies dormant for a time.
Feelings sometimes deemed wrong or bad are mistakenly taken for something to suppress or get rid of, when they are part of the blooming process of your very being.
Here are 5 ways to begin a practice of allowing, of being in this place of dormant knowing. 1. Silence – find a quiet place where you will be undisturbed (including distractions of phones, pings, and other) for at least 5 minutes. You may find it helpful to put a timer on so you can remove your attention from time keeping. Then just BE in the silence. There is nothing else to do. Just experience yourself in the whole and perfection that you are. Judgements and contemplation is not silence.  A regular practice of silence can be astonishingly healing. 2. Meditation – light a candle and allow your gaze to be with the flame. Follow your breath flowing in and out, allowing for deeper breaths, more relaxed shoulders, eyelids, any other area of tension to release and become more relaxed with each breath. Do this for at least 1 minute and longer if you can. 3. Walk in nature observing the life that is going dormant or has already moved into it’s dormant state. Feel the settling in energy and observe with delight the natural laws of Mother Nature. 4. Rest – Take a 10-20 minute “cat nap”.  Set up a safe and comfortable place to experience the deliciousness of rest during the day. Wrap yourself in an energetic cocoon of warmth and nurturing rest.
5. Nourishing Sleep – each night as the sun begins to set, allow for the settling in process. Gradually bring the constant borage of artificial light, activity and random chaos to settle. Establish a safe and nurturing sleeping environment free of the digitally programmed world and come back to your true nature to reconnect with your deepest innermost sacred self through natural sleep. I love using natural herbs and essential oils like Valerian root, chamomile or lavender and will add a natural magnesium drink if I am feeling anxious and unable to settle into deep sleep for the night.
Don’t allow for the rushed, overwhelmed, over stimulated condition humans seem to be racing towards forfeit your need for restorative rest and nourishing sleep, for deep reflection to tune in and realign to the only truth that can only blossom from deep within your own roots.
You are whole. You are complete. You are perfection. You may have just been distracted or interrupted from your own very nature. I encourage you to take the opportunity to bloom into yourself with one or all of the steps above. Peace and Blessings.

Comparing oneself to another is a common predicament for many people. The question is, why compare? Are we naturally wired to be competitive? I don’t believe so. This comparing of oneself and always looking at someone else’s accomplishments, possessions, looks and life, can be attributed to the disassociation of one own’s sense of self. The truth is you will never measure up to anyone else. Why? Because you are unique. You are the absolute only one of you. So why keep trying to measure yourself against another? If you want to improve your life and expand your business or accomplishments, you only need to evaluate where you are now to where you want to go. A place you choose from what I like to call “sacred Intention”. This is the intention that is fundamentally YOU. Not the programs and sub programs running. If you are having difficulty defining your destination it will be difficult to chart your course of action.

Words are like magic. They cast spells. Some are positive. Some negative. Your body believes every word you say. Your mind is so powerful it can make a word, whether thought, written or spoken, become reality. Without even writing them here, if I ask you to imagine fowl 4 letter words, the electrical negativity spews  forth like ghosts and goblins in the night. Affirmations have been proven to change the chemistry of water, the brain and blood. What are affirmations? Words. Even a single word. Feel the energy change when you cast the spell of these 4 letter words.
  • PETS
  • YOGA
  • WALK
  • PLAY
  • LOVE
  • HUGS
  • GLAD
  • PRAY
  • GOOD
  • NICE
  • MOVE
  • MOON
Whether you belong to Slytherin house or use the magic of Glinda the good witch, the choice is yours. glinda Here is a 5 and 9er for you: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! How can I help you make your body, mind and business more magical?  Connect with Stephana at www.yogilachi.com or www.stephanajohnson.com.  Stephana Johnson is a Master Personal Trainer and Holistic Coach changing lives from the inside out.

I’ve owned my own business since I was 13 and I enjoy it very much. My husband works for a mega corporation and has pretty much always worked for a variety of big corporations since he first entered the work force. So it is always very interesting to observe the not so subtleties of happiness in the workplace and it’s influence in our lives and vice versa. At first I was going to title this “A Yearly Bonus Isn’t What Makes A Happy Employee” Then I thought, the truth is, anybody whether an employee, employer, entrepreneur or housewife – we just want to be happy. So how can we find more of that? Here are the top 5 I found and studies repeatedly have shown these contribute to a measurable level of increased happiness. 1. GRATITUDE. The Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley in collaboration with the University of California, Davis completed a 3 year research on Expanding the Science and Practice of Gratitude in 2014. Their findings proved people who practice gratitude consistently report a host of benefits: Stronger immune systems and lower blood pressure Higher levels of positive emotions More joy, optimism, and happiness Acting with more generosity and compassion Feeling less lonely and isolated The operative word, however, is consistency. Those who did not do this on a regular basis had significantly less (albeit a subtle increase in happiness) than those who had a daily practice of finding 3 different items to be grateful for. They would keep a daily log and each day add 3 new items to their “gratitude journal”. This is where the significant results in happiness were experienced that seemed to have been the catalyst for the original study being taken on. DSC_0009 2. CELEBRATE. aka “The Doubler”. The action is to find 1 positive event (doesn’t matter the size or significance) and describe the details and feelings of the event for at least 2 minutes, in writing. Studies have found that taking one positive experience and writing about it for at least 2 minutes acts as a re-experiencing of the positive effects all over again. Any positive experience can be relived repeatedly gathering more details and stronger positive feelings as you write about the details. Some wrote of the birth of their child, receiving an award, positive feedback at work, and so on. Significant and immediate positive effects on the happiness level of those in the study were noted. (Once again journaling is involved) 3. FUN. 15 minutes of active mindful fun every day. This study showed that when a person takes time every day to do something they love and enjoy their level of happiness increases. Well of course, right? But the study also noted that one persons fun may not be the same as another. So in the case of an office setting and a big ol’ paint ball shoot fest is set to bring office morale up and you have half the office who would prefer to garden or visit a museum, this isn’t going to work. So to qualify as FUN you have to like it. One person’s fun is another’s anxiety attack so never force co-workers or employees or ridicule if they choose to bow out of the company “fun” day. And here’s a little bonus for you – what do you consider fun? If you are an employer, do you know what each of your employees considers fun? Give yourself permission to enjoy the type of fun, whether it’s sky diving, pottery or reading a good book just for the pure pleasure of it. headshot 4. SMILE and “It was my pleasure”. I love this one. The action is to smile consciously at least 3 times a day. The moment I start getting serious about things, even typing an article, I stop and smile. When I do that – it’s a sign to my body to relax. Breathe. This can make a difference in your life as well as others. The Ritz Carlton showed high marks when the implemented this one action. Instead of saying “you’re welcome” to guests and fellow employees, they would say “It was my pleasure” with a smile. 5. MEANINGFUL SOCIAL CONNECTION. On the days I am on deadlines for a book or article and have no real social connection, I can feel drained. Charge your battery with meaningful social connection, laughter and enjoyment. Petty criticism or rumor mongering around the water cooler doesn’t count. Genuine appreciation and empathy has been shown to be life saving. A sense of belonging increases happiness like no other. While social media is here to stay it’s not a substitute for meaningful social connection. While I’m certain most folks don’t mind the annual bonus it just won’t make up for a year of lack of happiness in the workplace. Whether you want to lesson your turn over rate or you want to feel more satisfied in your job, one or all of these small doable steps could make a big positive difference. Try one or all of them to increase you happiness and let me know how it goes! If you’d like to see how you are doing on the happiness scale, take the free happiness assessment here: Take The Happiness Assessment Stephana Johnson is a Master Trainer and Expert Holistic Business & Life Coach. Send inquiries to stephana@stephanajohnson.com or visit www.yogilachi.com or www.stephanajohnson.com To take the Happiness Assessment follow this link. Take The Happiness Assessment

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