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Making Healing Waters At Home

September 17, 2017
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I am a big fan of “hydro therapy” and part of the treatment is pure Epsom Salt!

The gift of water cannot be overlooked. Water is natures healer.

Hot Springs is a decadent pleasure I learned to love when my husband and I vacationed in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. There is something vitally healing when you soak in water straight from Mother Earth. With it’s spectacular mineral content and life force you can feel the tension melting away.

But if you don’t have a hot spring near you, create your own mineral bath and treat yourself to a nice soak. Add an abundance of the Epsom Salt and your favorite essential oils.

I usually buy the bulk bags at Costco and they carry Dr Teal’s which I find to be an excellent brand. I add my own essential oils of lavender, eucalyptus and something in the mint family if I want something more invigorating.

Spending 20 minutes on a good soak can do wonders for tired, sore muscles. Don’t like full body baths, try just a foot bath – similar effect and invigorates tired sore feet.

Top 7 ways an Epsom Salt Bath can help heal the body:

1. Soothes sore muscles
2. Relieves Aches and pains
3. Helps body release toxins
4. Reduces stress
5. Minimizes swelling
6. Refreshes skin’s appearance
7. Rejuvenates tired achy feet

Give it a try! It can be an excellent way to find whole body relief and wellness!

What To Do When You Feel Stuck

August 14, 2017
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I am sitting in a library across the Bridge from the Coove getting work done while my boys practice Aikido. I think I should be progressing with my Aikido too, but how will I fit that in as well as the countless other actions I need to get done before official teaching hours start with my boys.

In the past month I’ve gotten in about 4 real “workouts” for myself.

The frustration around the circumstances of closing my studio earlier this year is back. I feel the ceiling once again as I grow my personal training but have to turn people away because I cannot serve group classes without a bigger location.

I contemplate opening another location but still have to deal with the lease and repercussions of the discrepancy of 1500 square feet being measured in a variety of ways, none of them being actual square footage of the space.

This energy fills up my body and consumes my mind if I let it.

I feel stuck.

What I teach my clients and would suggest to anyone when they feel stuck is to start with CHI.

Although before that it would need to be  AWARENESS. That action of  PRESENCE. The actual practice of being PRESENT always shifts the CHI.

I am aware of the light and my body in a different way just by taking this action.

In fact, it seems as if the room is quieter, calmer now. I reckon it is actually my mind and energy that is calmer. I feel my feet. I sit taller. I breathe more deeply. I feel a sensation of gratitude and a tingle moves up and down my spine and down my arms and in to the key board.

I feel the stuckness as a shifting. I am PRESENT.

I-INTENTION (al) I intend to lead a life I love. To raise the over all vibration of the planet through my service. I have other intentions that are specific but at the moment I focus in on the intention related to Yogilachi and my dream for 10,000 strong globally shifting the outcome of this planet by how they lead their lives, their health by reclaiming their mind, body and food supply. By bringing vibrations to love and above.

For now I can imagine this and it is beautiful.

I now OBSERVE.  I notice. My bum is stiff and tingly from sitting in the hard plastic chairs. The back of my head tingles. I watch as the letters come on the screen in a delayed way. No judgement. No good/bad/right/wrong. Just observations.

I continue to observe and subtlety I am aware of the lightening up I feel. The laughter that bubbles up that tells me I am releasing the energy that has kept me stuck. Stuck in a thinking that does not serve me. I no longer desire a baquette smothered in butter and a bag of chips – my reactive comfort food. In fact I don’t feel like I am depleted or need food. My energy has shifted. I feel like moving. I sit taller. I shift my pelvic bones so I am up on my sits bones. That releases my spine. My vibration is higher. Closer to the LOVE that I prefer.


TOOLS. I know that I need food and that is a valid tool to restore my body. But I will choose the delicious green salad with grilled chicken that I planned for. I will lovingly prepare this meal and sit down and enjoy it after I pick up my boys from Aikido.

I will get to the Aikido studio early so I can stand on the earth and practice Yogilachi Flow and Glow – the blend of Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi that has now become my regular work out of choice.

So that is what I did today when I felt stuck.

What do you do when you feel stuck?  

If Your Trainer Isn’t Assessing They Are Guessing

August 8, 2017
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The fitness industry has grown exponentially since it’s inception. Jack LaLanne, whom I consider the father of the fitness industry, brought physical fitness to the world in the 1930’s after opening the first gym when he was only 21 years old!

Over the many decades we have seen an evolution of fads that cater to every whim. From celebrity dvd workouts to pi-yo, people think they know what yoga is, or Pilates and worse they try to teach it. But it’s the blind leading the blind. What’s missing is the understanding and awareness of proper function of the body vs the conditions of the body. Each individual has their own set of circumstances.

As a holistic fitness professional we must assess each client individually. Without this component, to stick someone in a workout program without proper assessment is asking for trouble.

Many of my clients come to me after they’ve been injured elsewhere. In a yoga class, at a cross fit gym, playing sports. It really doesn’t matter, they’ve come to Yogilachi to get it right.

In order to get it right, all fitness professionals must have a foundation of knowledge in assessing. As fitness professionals we do not diagnose, we leave that to the MD and the Physical Therapist. However, doing a proper screening to evaluate current and potential injuries, lifestyle, posture and movement is a key role of the fitness professional. 

If you are a fitness professional or someone interested in improving your performance whether in the gym or in a sport, it’s a good idea to know what I look for when I assess clients. I start with the common themes for fitness related injuries.

  • Previous Injuries
  • Asymmetries
  • Lack of proper joint concentration
  • Dysfunctional movement patterns
  • Mobility/Stability Issues

I look for very subtle shifts in the bone structure – the muscles control the bones but the nerves control the muscles and so what is controlling the nerve function. Hmmmm. You have to look at the WHOLE picture. There is more that meets the eye than just a physiological structure. We have old energy patterns that can pull fascia in one direction. There could be hyper-mobility.

There is a lot more to this than a blog post, and experience goes a long way, but I’m making a point here. 

The purpose of the any assessment I perform is to provide information and tools to identify limitations in movement, asymmetries, compensations, lifestyle as well as the bodies ability to repair. 

A thorough intake with each client is worth the time to get the proper program in place for optimal results. Otherwise you are just guessing and worse following a protocol that may do more harm than good. 

Sadly, I hear this over and over from the typical gym environment and even from inadequate PT offices and see the results after the fact.

Don’t take chances with your health and fitness. Get a Holistic Health and Fitness Screening from a trained professional who can then program you correctly for optimal results. Work with a professional who will follow through and carry the program out correctly with reassessments built in along the way.

At Yogilachi we believe your success comes from optimal movement, mindset and nutrition. 


Want To Get Rid of Mid Day Energy Crash? Try This Perfect Food…

July 19, 2017
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If you’ve been following my blog you know I teach food is what restores and replenishes our body or it poisons us.

There are grocery isles full of poisons packaged and promoted as good fun food. Especially when it comes to snack foods. Many have grown up on this toxic diet and are paying the price now. Coaching clients on how to reverse the damage and restore their health with whole food and a healthy exercise and lifestyle program, I love to share simple tricks that you can use today.

Let’s talk about that mid day energy slump. There is a physiological response that takes place in our bodies when we are hungry and low in energy. The pancreas, which is the blood sugar regulator of the body, signals the brain that it needs glucose. That usually has us reaching for cookie or candy bar but the process is so quick that we’ll soon be reaching for another cookie. This creates an undesirable result all around.

What would be better is to eat a perfect food like an egg. Boiled eggs are one of my favorite go to mid day snacks. They are a complete protein, with a perfect balance of cellular repairing amino acids. Eggs also support eye function and help the body fight carcinogens from the environment and food stuffs.

Because of the slower release of the glucose in the body, the energy slumps are eliminated and you have less cravings.

I personally prefer duck eggs and will have a small side of kimchi with my soft boiled egg. It’s a perfect pick me up satiating both body and the brain.

Here’s to another perfect food. The incredible, edible EGG!

Why We Need To Train Our Body In Symmetry

July 7, 2017
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Many sports are asymmetrical, or one sided.

I have more clients than not who complain of a left shoulder or right knee or hip pain because they golf or play tennis or even run, one sided.

We need to train our bodies in symmetry. That means we need to train both sides.

Symmetry means “beauty resulting from balanced or harmonious arrangement”.

Optimal movement would have to then include symmetry as a principle.

When I injured my right arm I hadn’t realized how dominant I had let myself become, no matter how hard I had trained to stay balanced. It’s going to happen. In martial arts, ideally you train both sides equally so that you can hit, kick, duck or move where-ever and how ever is needed in order to get you out of harms way, attack or defend as the case may be. It does’t happen naturally. There will always be a dominent side trying to come through.

But to train in symmetry – keeping alignment and control on a gradient in the forefront of any training program and you will see and feel the difference in how your body is able to move and function.

Yogilachi is based on optimal movement and being mindful about this is where it starts. We don’t want to go in to a gym or on a course or court being mindless and letting our body go willy nilly whacking away at something. Unless we have specifically developed symmetry and trained our body and muscles optimally, it’s a difficult transition to make but one well worth addressing.

Start by taking an action you are proficient in on one side and gradually develop the other side. You don’t have to neglect the dominant side, but you do want to bring the functions on line for the other side of the body. This also goes for top and bottom but that’s another lesson.

Declare Your Independence

July 4, 2017
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Independence Day – in America it’s Fourth of July.

It’s usually celebrated with fireworks, BBQ’s, pool parties and red, white and blue deserts!

It’s a day to honor and acknowledge our freedom. More than freedom from something, it’s freedom to explore our full potential. Freedom to choose. Freedom to express. Freedom to create our best life ever.

Tonight I will take my sons to see a spectacular fireworks display downtown on the river front. It’s never disappointed. Full of mesmerizing color and choreographed to soul moving music, it’s a dramatic demonstration of art, sound, light filled color with a powerful impact.

I loved when Katy Perry’s Fireworks song came out, I still love to play it nice and loud and dance freely with my boys. To celebrate the idea that we too are free to demonstrate a spectacular life.

This is a wonderful lesson to be reminded of – we have the most important freedom there is – the Freedom to CHOOSE. You can choose your actions, your thoughts, what you will eat, how you will spend your time and money, how you will dress, what career you will take on, how you will contribute, how you will make an impact in your life, from your life.

Whether you get excited over the fireworks or a culinary creation, remember that you too are free to demonstrate a spectacular life.

Use today as a launching pad, declare Independence Day the day you FREE yourself from limiting beliefs, destructive patterns, constraints that hold you back.

Celebrate the miracle of who you are, unlimited in potential, FREE to see the possibilities and Splurge on your spectacular Inner Light.

Young Women Doing Abdominal

February 11, 2015
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Training with Dumbell

February 11, 2015
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How to Eat for bulking you up?

February 11, 2015
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Gym Personal Trainer

February 11, 2015
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