Want To Get Rid of Mid Day Energy Crash? Try This Perfect Food…
If you’ve been following my blog you know I teach food is what restores and replenishes our body or it poisons us. There are grocery isles full of poisons packaged and promoted as good fun food. Especially when it comes to snack foods. Many have grown up on this toxic diet and are paying the price now. Coaching clients on how to reverse the damage and restore their health with whole food and a healthy exercise and lifestyle program, I love to share simple tricks that you can use today. Let’s talk about that mid day energy slump. There is a physiological response that takes place in our bodies when we are hungry and low in energy. The pancreas, which is the blood sugar regulator of the body, signals the brain that it needs glucose. That usually has us reaching for cookie or candy bar but the process is so quick that we’ll soon be reaching for another cookie. This creates an undesirable result all around. What would be better is to eat a perfect food like an egg. Boiled eggs are one of my favorite go to mid day snacks. They are a complete protein, with a perfect balance of cellular repairing amino acids. Eggs also support eye function and help the body fight carcinogens from the environment and food stuffs. Because of the slower release of the glucose in the body, the energy slumps are eliminated and you have less cravings. I personally prefer duck eggs and will have a small side of kimchi with my soft boiled egg. It’s a perfect pick me up satiating both body and the brain. Here’s to another perfect food. The incredible, edible EGG!

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