Stephana Johnson Founder and Lead Trainer Yogilachi Holistic Health and Fitness Coaching On Line and In Person in the East Vancouver/Camas WA area

The Yogilachi Approach

This Holistic Approach is what changes our clients’ lives! When we tailor each individuals’ program, we consider the following foundational principles: Breathing, Hydration, Sleep, Movement, Nutrition, Thoughts & Emotions. These principles are all equally important, dependent on and connected to each other and MUST be addressed if any lasting lifestyle changes will be made. We’re so sure that our system works, we guarantee you’ll see results!

Dedicated To Your Health Through Our Mission & Core Values

  • Inspiration, Visionary, Mentorship & Coaching: We provide inspirational communication, visionary mentorship, and innovative guidance to those we serve.
  • Open Joyful Connection: We believe in openly reflecting inner joy and sharing the spark of resilience that comes through connecting with empathy and kindness.
  • Holistic Well Being: We believe anyone can heal, have happiness and create a life of their dreams and we support this through our integrated holistic approach.
  • Competence: We value competence and believe in mastering our skills to achieve ever higher and better results while celebrating steady forward progress.
  • Trustworthy: We are committed to a culture where complete trust is fostered in all we say, in all we are.
  • Contribution: We are committed to giving back and making a difference.
To inspire our clients to experience optimal health, wellness and fitness through our signature Yogilachi programs. To become a family of coaches committed to creating a partnership with our clients. To approach all challenges with a spirit of joy, empathy and professionalism, always providing the most holistic and workable solutions. To make a difference in our community by promoting holistic health, wellness and fitness as a lifestyle and being a resource for positive change. Our core values and our mission are the driving force behind everything we do. It’s what gets us going every morning!

The Word

In 1999 I coined the word YOGILACHI from my passion for holistic health and fitness.  Taking the words Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi  I formed a new word –  Yogilachi®. It is a practice, not a place. I hope you fall in love with this practice as much as the thousands of other’s before you!

Meet Stephana

I hold you in  your highest good and best outcome. This is my philosophy of life and my practice in service to a better world through happier, healthier people. I’ve been practicing yoga since the age of 10 and a form of Tai Chi since 14. I’ve been teaching/training and supporting others in the holistic health and fitness industry professionally for over 30 years. I hold over 63 certifications in holistic modalities that enable me to better serve those I am here to serve. If  that’s you, don’t hesitate to reach out Blessed Be.

Stephana Johnson

Founder & Lead Trainer

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