NOW REGISTERING: Summer Session in East Vancouver/Camas, WA + Virtually July 8th - August 15

Find Strength, Balance & Energy

Join us in Camas for a 6 week Mind/Body Reset and see how Yogilachi can help you get toned, fit and feeling amazing.  

Yogilachi Training Sessions in the comfort of your own home or in person at Lacamas Lake Lodge, Daily Logs & Accountability, Nutrition Coaching, Meditation, Valuable Resource Guides, Private FB Group, Supportive Community You'll Love!


Finding Yogilachi is like someone is answering my prayers.

- Jessica Daniels -

The Experience of Yogilachi

Yoilachi is the perfect blend of yoga, Pilates and tai chi, where you can find strength, balance and energy amidst the hectic bustle of everyday pressures and deadlines. Experience expert personalized attention in our beautiful space at Lacamas Lake Lodge.

Over the 6 weeks, enjoy 3 weekly training sessions Mon/Tues/Thurs 6:30AM at Lacamas Lake Lodge 227 NW Lake Rd, Camas, WA 98607 

Each session is also streamed live and available in our private FB Group so you'll never miss a session. Personalized assessments and recommendations for your unique biochemistry. Daily Logs and Accountability keep you focused and progressing.

Valuable handouts on Kitchen Essentials, Meal Planning, Shopping List and more. 

Over $650 in Value All inclusive investment ONLY $197

Call 360-936-3374 or email if you have questions or to see if this is the right fit for you.

BONUS: Live Sunday Meal Prep at our Local Natural Grocers

Strength & Cardio Benefits Our sessions are designed to benefit your body and mind in ways that will help you look, feel and move better every day.

Balance Body & Mind Recharge your body and rediscover a sense of wholeness through our holistic approach to the whole person.

Variety of Styles Experience the benefits of yoga, Pilates and tai chi, supported by leading edge science of optimal movement.

Meditation Practice Each session shares insight on a minfulness practice and ends with a restorative meditation finale.

Optimal Nutrition Discover your unique biochemical needs and easily plan meals that will give you more energy and overall health.

Supportive Community Our judgement free zone allows you to feel comfortable no matter your level, in a safe, caring environment you'll call home. .

2019 Summer Program 

Choose from three different class styles to suit your goals and experience level.

Flow Foundations  

It all starts here. This class will teach you the basics if you're new and provide a lasting foundation for your practice. 



Focused Alignment, Mobility, Agility and Strength this dynamic class keeps you progressing and engaged.


Pilates Presence  

Pilates is all about tuning in and turning on your Powerhouse. Core strength done properly like Yogilachi's trainers teach, will help you eliminate chronic back pain and have you feeling and looking better in just a few short sessions.


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I joined Yogilachi to get help for posture and neck pain and I ended up losing some weight and gaining strength as well! 

- Anne Vitort -

About Us

This Holistic Approach is what changes our clients’ lives! We consider the following foundational principles: Breathing, Hydration, Sleep, Movement, Nutrition, Thoughts & Emotions. These principles are all equally important, dependent on and connected to each other and MUST be addressed if any lasting lifestyle changes will be made. We’re so sure that our system works, we guarantee you’ll see results!

Yogilachi was founded by Sephana Johnson in 1998 after years of study and practice with legendary fitness and yoga masters. In addition to her advanced yoga and Pilates certifications, Stephana holds a Posture and Mobility Specialist certificate and has worked in the holistic health and fitness arena for over 30 years with top athletes and celebrities.  

Reviews from Our Community 

“Yogilachi is a wonderful place. There are many places to workout these days, but none have made me feel quite as comfortable and empowered as Yogilachi. Stephana really knows what she is doing and makes you feel very welcome and inspired to live your best life. You really need to check it out! You’ll be glad you did!"

- Elizabeth Ryan

“Finding Stephana and Yogilachi feels like someone is answering my prayers! I’ve had back and shoulder pain for years that no doctor or specialist had been able to help me with. Stephana has not only helped me but has been a coach, mentor, and compassionate spirit. Her small group classes are like getting a personal trainer because she is so in tune with her clients. I sleep better, feel better, and am starting to finally lose weight!.”

- Jessica Daniels

“I saw a brochure for Yogilachi and signed up for a trial week. I knew I needed to do something differently, but I wasn’t sure what the right fit would be. I was bored with exercise and didn’t feel like things were making a difference. Every class is different, so I have never been bored. There is also a mind-body connection that is wonderfully different I look forward to going to class. The community is unique: small class sizes with very individualized attention, a non-judgemental atmosphere, a supportive group of people, very informative and educational instruction. I leave class energized, not drained. I am so glad I found Yogilachi."

- Vanette F.

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