Fusing exercise, science and spirit.

YOGILACHI IS THE PERFECT BLEND OF YOGA, PILATES AND TAI CHI. Getting fit and healthy has never been so much fun.

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Stephana Johnson is an innovative, visionary leader in the holistic health and fitness industry, an engaging speaker, and Author/Founder of Yogilachi on a quest to inspire the world to experience optimal health and wellness. Stephana counsels and coaches clients to take dramatic steps to enjoy vibrant, healthy lives. As a direct result of their wor ...

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The Perfect Blend Of Yoga, Pilates And Tai Chi In Camas

This is where all the MAGIC happens! Camas and East Vancouver’s only Personal Training Studio specializing in Corrective Exercise. With the Perfect Blend of Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi never struggle with Back, Knee, Shoulder, or Neck Pain again. Come here to LEARN how you can get toned, lose weight naturally, get healthy, confident and pain free – without surgery or medications! This Holistic Approach is what changes our clients’ lives! When we tailor each individuals’ program, we consider the following foundation principles: Breathing, Hydration, Sleep, Movemental, Nutrition, Thoughts & Emotions. These principles are all equally important, dependent on and connected to each other and MUST be addressed if any lasting lifestyle changes will be made.

We’re so sure that our system works, we guarantee you’ll see results! And just like a prescription, the wrong one may make a person worse than when they started. At Yogilachi, each private client is put through our 12 point structural evaluation, flexibility test and fitness assessment before any exercise is prescribed. We take pride in our work as Health and Wellness Educators and strive to go above and beyond the usual call of a ‘Personal Trainer’. We inspire life-wide and life-long changes. It’s not just about working out more, it’s working out right. We consider factors that will positively effect the whole person.

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